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As a Registered Swara User, you will be eligible for the following special features.
Upload Video
Upload File
 You can upload videos directly from your desktop and share it online with Swara community.
Remote Upload
 Upload videos from other websites or server, simply enter its URL and click on Upload or you can enter YouTube URL and click Grab from YouTube to upload video directly from YouTube without entering its details.
Remote Play
 If you have video link and don't want it to upload and convert, simply plug-in and play then enter it’s URL, duration, select its thumb, fill in the required details and click on upload.
Embed Code
 Embed videos from different website using their "video embed code", simply enter embed code, enter video duration and select its thumb, fill in the required details and click on upload.
Home Page Videos
Like / Dislike
 You can vote the videos of other users by clicking Like for a positive vote and Dislike for a negative vote.
Add to My Favorite
 You can add any video to your favorite list.
Add to Playlist
 You can name the playlist as you wish and you can add any video to your Playlist.
Reply to a comment
 You can reply to a comment posted by any user. The reply will be sent through email to that user automatically by our system.
My Account
Manage Subscriptions
 To manage the videos already subscribed by you.
Change Avatar
 It’s Great! You can change the dull Avatar - the 'user icon' or 'thumbnail icon' - into your own colorful photo or other image of your choice!
Uploaded Videos
 To manage the videos uploaded by you.
Favorite Videos
 To manage your favorite videos.
Manage Playlists
 To create and manage playlists.
Video Playlists
 To manage the videos in your own playlists.
 A complete messaging service that includes
  • Inbox

          To view the messages sent to you by other users.

  • Sent Messages

          To view the messages sent by you to other users.

  • Notifications

          To view the messages sent to you by admin.

  • Compose New Message

          To compose new private message and send to other registered users.To send message, just type the 'username' to whom you
          want to send the message in the 'To' field.


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